Funeral Home Prices

We encourage you to call us to find out how much a funeral or cremation costs and to discuss the options for
funeral and cremation services in Pittsburgh.

We invite you to visit our new online cremation center.  When you plan online, you can choose the cremation package and merchandise
that you prefer at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home.  Making your own selections and providing
the required biographical information online can also lower the cost. 

When inquiring about funeral and cremation prices, a member of our staff will discuss the options with you and give you the complete costs so that you can make an informed decision about the type of service that you prefer.  For example, if you prefer a Traditional Funeral Service, we will help you estimate the complete costs for other items, such as a casket, burial vault, clothing, and any other merchandise or cash advance products or services, such as copies of the death certificate, clergy honorarium, flowers, obituary notices, and cemetery charges.   

The following prices are effective as of October 18, 2019, but are subject to change without notice. 

Any funeral arrangements that you select at our funeral home will include our Signature Service.  

Signature Service

Signature Service

From the moment your loved one enters our care, our professional staff is committed to serving with compassion and dignity.

Our Signature Service Includes:

Creative planning of a meaningful experience for everyone involved. 

Complimentary Tribute Video (Optional) - Cherished moments deserve more than a slide show.  We will create a cinema quality DVD video with up to 100 photos to honor your loved one that you can cherish for years to come.  

Coordination with clergy, florists, cemetery, crematory, or other complementary service providers.

Acquisition and completion of necessary government forms, including death certificates, veterans benefit forms, and other required documents.

Assistance with insurance and/or U.S. Veterans claims.

Most Popular Choices

Most Popular Choices

We do not offer packages that include unnecessary products or services.  Why pay for items that you do not want or need?  Instead, we give you choices.  You may choose only the items you desire from our General Price List. 

Today, more and more people are choosing a Non-Traditional Funeral Service that is more personal and not just like everyone else's.  After all, your loved one's life wasn't just like everyone else's.

Our experienced staff will provide inspiration for personalizing the funeral service.  We give you choices regarding the setting, the mood, the printed materials, and the music.  We will give you ideas for incorporating memories of your loved one into the service.    

Our Non-Traditional Funeral Services offer the flexibility to join together with family and friends at our funeral home or some other special location.  A catered luncheon can be arranged for your convenience by our staff. Veterans are also entitled to funeral honors if requested.  

The total cost for the services, which represent the most popular choices of our families who elect a funeral or burial, is between $2,660 to $5,440 depending on the items selected. 

(Prices shown do not include a casket, outer burial container/vault, clothing, and any other merchandise or cash-advance products and services, such as copies of the death certificate, clergy honorarium, flowers, obituary notices, and cemetery charges.)

Casket prices range from $995 to $8,195

Outer Burial Containers $395 to $14,900

Cremation Urns $75 to $1,190

Burial Clothing $150 to $250

The total cost of the services, for those families who elect a direct cremation, is:

$2,350 with container provided by the purchaser. 

$2,745 with Formal Container – Cremation Casket.

(Our charges for direct cremation, without ceremony, include Basic Services of the Funeral Director and Staff, Transfer of the Remains to the Funeral Establishment, and transfer to or from crematory, and crematory fee.)

Crematory charges above 301 lbs. and any merchandise, such as an urn, are additional.  

We do not charge an additional Security Deposit of up to $600 or more for cremation services. 

Planning Ahead

Planning Ahead

Today, more and more people are pre-arranging funeral services prior to the actual need.  Most people also choose to pre-pay for the arrangements they select.  At Griffith Funeral Home, we believe that making arrangements prior to the actual need is a wise decision, so we do not charge extra to guarantee the price of a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan. 

"No Hidden Fee" Guarantee

"No Hidden Fee" Guarantee

Funeral costs and cremation costs can be very confusing.  Often times other funeral and cremation providers will quote what seems like a low price, but actually they do not give you the complete costs and there will be hidden add-on charges after you have chosen to utilize their services.

We have made it easier to understand funeral and cremation costs. With our “No Hidden Fee" Guarantee, we give you the complete costs for only the services and merchandise that you want or need.  

In other words, we guarantee that the price we give you over the telephone, in our office, or the price you see on our website, will be the price that you pay.

What some funeral homes fail to disclose are the additional fees that may be necessary, such as a Casket or Alternative Container, Outer Burial Container, and Cash Advance Items (obituaries, clergy honorariums, musician, vocalist, flowers, certified copies of the death certificate, cemetery charges, etc.).

We will be more than happy to email you a quote for the complete costs so that you will have an estimate that is as accurate as possible.

Whatever your preference, from a simple burial to a more traditional ceremony joined by family and friends, our professional staff is ready to serve you.  

Contact Us to Discuss the Options

If you would like to meet with us, we will give you a complete copy of our General Price List and discuss all available options to help you determine the type of event that would be most meaningful to you and your family. 

Contact us today to speak with one of our directors.